Saudi Arabia jobs

Saudi Arabia jobs

Saudi Arabia jobs

Saudi Arabia jobs are quite attractive to foreigners. That includes workers from developing and developed countries. The country has a lot of oil but it has gone to great lengths to diversify its economy over the years.

It has also started reducing the restrictions that previously limited the operations of foreign companies. Their goal is to open up the economy. In doing so, they have increased the opportunities for employment in sectors like education, tourism, and engineering.

Many of the employers in Saudi Arabia prefer foreign workers with a lot of experience and expertise. As such, graduates have found it rather difficult to gain a foothold in the country. Additionally, they are determined to protect jobs that its citizens can fill from foreigners.

This is an attempt to radically decrease the unemployment rates in the country. In other words, while Saudi Arabia jobs are plenty, they are not necessarily easy to acquire. If you are still determined to secure a job in the country, this is what you should know:

1). Some people presume that they have to fly to Saudi Arabia to get Saudi Arabia jobs. But that isn’t even remotely true. Admittedly, that is the approach that most people take. However, it doesn’t always produce results, and when it does, it requires a lot of work.

The easiest approach is to find a job with a company in your country that has offices in Saudi Arabia. If you can secure a position with an international company in your country, an opportunity to transfer to Saudi Arabia will come down the line. This method is attractive because it means that you will only travel to Saudi Arabia after securing paying work.

Most foreigners in Saudi Arabia lack this certainty. They migrate to the country in the hopes of finding work down the line. But they do not know for certain that they can locate a suitable source of income. You are better off transferring to Saudi Arabia after getting a job with an international company.

2). Saudi Arabia’s most lucrative opportunities are in oil and gas. This is where most people expect to work. However, as was mentioned above, the country is making every effort possible to diversify its economy. It does not want to rely on oil which is why you can now find lucrative employment opportunities in sectors like IT, Mining, Education, and Construction.

Saudi Arabia is also promoting tourism and renewable energy. Some of the biggest employers include the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, Saudi Telecom Company, and the Saudi British Bank.

Some international firms with offices in Saudi Arabia include Cisco, Procter and Gamble, IBM, and BAE Systems, to mention but a few.

3). As was mentioned above, Saudi Arabia favors experts and professionals where foreign workers are concerned. It has no interest in offering entry-level positions to outsiders. Any job that does not require experience can be done by a Saudi Arabian citizen.

In other words, graduates without experience will have a hard time landing a job in the country. If you have the expertise, on the other hand, the country wants workers in IT, Education, Construction, and Engineering, not to mention healthcare.

4). As with most countries, foreign workers are more likely to succeed in their job search in Saudi Arabia if they know the local language. As a foreigner that desperately needs work, you should take the time to master Arabic. English is also a requirement because most people understand it and the business arena uses it during transactions.

Bi-lingual candidates are in high demand in Saudi Arabia. In fact, the more languages you know, it easier it will become for you to secure employment.

5). Because Saudi Arabia is in the Middle East, you should know that their workweek starts on Sunday. It ends on Thursday. Friday and Saturday are weekends. You can only work for eight hours. An employer does not have the legal right to force you to work longer than that. Those hours are reduced to six during Ramadan.

As a worker, your employer must give you a minimum of 21 days of leave each year. But this privilege only comes after you have been employed for 12 months. Your employer gets to choose whether or not you will have time off during public holidays.

However, you don’t have to work on Eid or the Saudi National Day. Employees are free to stay away from work on these days regardless of what their employers say. On the flip side, Christian holidays like Christmas are ignored.

6). One of the most attractive aspects of working in Saudi Arabia is the fact that foreign workers don’t pay income tax. They are exempt from this requirement.

7). If you don’t know where to start looking for jobs, use the internet. There are numerous websites that are designed to aggregate and list potential employment opportunities. Some of them are targeted specifically towards foreigners. If a recruitment website doesn’t appeal to you, Saudi Arabia has recruitment agencies that will connect you to suitable employers.

It becomes easier to find Saudi Arabia jobs once you make employed friends in the country. They will connect you to all the right employers. You can find work on your own if you wish to. But if you are new to Saudi Arabia, you are going to have a difficult time finding your way around, let alone locating work. If possible, get a guide, preferably a relative or someone from your country that you can trust.

They will get you acquainted with the work-life in the country.

8). When it comes to applying for Saudi Arabia jobs as a foreigner, don’t forget to change the format of your resume to fit the requirements of your Saudi Arabian employers. Do not assume that the format that worked back home can also apply to your Saudi Arabian CV. Find out what employers in the country want and change your resume accordingly to make it as attractive as possible.

You need to show potential employers that you are willing to make an effort to fit in. You should know that employers in the country care about your religion, marital status, and the size of your family. Some people find questions about these subjects intrusive but you should grow accustomed to answering them.

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